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Tom's IT

thomas menzel

This little site shall serve as my freelancer webpage in order to give some basic info about my professional self to the world (more specifically: customers). Other than that, i dont know yet how this site will develop in the future and what i will put on it.


So, who am I? Well, the page’s title gives the name away. In addition:

  • i live with my family in the town Hämelerwald near Hannover, Germany
  • i’m programming since I was 11 years old on my C16 (dont’t laugh) and in Java since 1998 (ok that was at university – but still)
  • Despite being German i prefer writing in English – so much simpler! Hence this site is in EN as
    1. i expect that those who are professionally interested are capable of reading this
    2. it saves me the trouble of providing all of this in two languages
  • speaking of making things simple:
    i love to abbreviate and write, in small letters (+1 for EN over DE). So bare this in mind when reading this site. It’s not due to to incompetence (mostly).
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